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And there she was. Approaching more and more,  any step was a different imaginary tachycardia.
The way that her pastel green hair perfectly touched her shoulder back and forth, slowly messing it.
How her bright blue eyes looked exactly like the
sky's color.
How her face turned into something extremely  delicated, with tiny little freckles stamped above her eyes, spread by her pink cheeks.
And her mouth. Oh, that mouth. She never wanted to feel something like she wanted to feel that lips pressing hers. The way that they could open to form a big and bright smile.
Her curves were perfect making the silhouette of a perfect guitar moved simultaneously while approaching to Sayyida, that was simply admiring.
For a moment, Sayyida, that was sit down while drinking a cup of tea, put the tea back on the table,lifted up herself ,moving the white chair to next to the table and looking Camira into her eyes. Her cheeks turned red while waiting Camira to talk.
- C-Camira-chan, I... I'm very sorry for last night... - Said, in an embarrassed tone. Looks like someone haven't forgotten that game.

*flashback on*

- Go,go! Take the paper! - Said Afra, that was apparently having fun.
01:36 am. The crew was inside the sleeping room, playing a simple Q&A game. You spin the bottle, and whom the bottle points, the person has to sincerely answer the question wrote in  one of the papers inside the bottle.  And for luck or bad luck, the bottle stopped exactly on Sayyida's direction.
- Wait, Afra. -  Morganne answered, taking off one of the folded up papers inside the bottle. - "If you had to kiss someone here, who would it be?"
Everyone turned surprise with the question. No one would imagine someone there answering it, especially Sayyida.
And her reaction was simply: blush. Her heart throbbed. With Camira playing the game, she had to say certain things. The entire crew were looking  at her. Until...
- ...C-Camira. - She answered, while looking down, playing with her fingers.
Everyone looked at each other. They were not able to express themselves, looking at Camira, that was hiding her face with both hands.
- I...Don't know what to say right now. - Said Bliss, breaking the silence.
- Let's...Move on. - Said Hibiki, while giving a uncomfortable smile. After that moment, Sayyida couldn't stop thinking about her answer, and how Camira reacted.

*flashback off*

Embarrassed, she was still upset about it. Last night, she gave the most sincere answer, and regretted it. She could've told that wouldn't kiss anyone, said that was something ridiculous to answer. But instead of that, she answered.
Camira's index finger pressed Sayyida's lips.
- Ssssh. - Camira made a silence gesture with her other hand, slowly taking of her finger of her lips, putting her right hand on Sayyida's face.
- Camira...?
Camira's left hand went to Sayyida's face. Morr and more, the woman of her life approached her face, while their lips's distance got smaller every second. Sayyida intertwined her arms between Camira's neck, and Camira did the same.
When their lips had only 2 centimeters of distance, Camira stopped approaching, and whispered:
- ...I never said I don't want the same.
That words hit Sayyida's heart like a bullet. Couldn't believe in what she just heard, and finally, after a year being totally in love for that amazing and smart woman that she is, their lips have touched.
In a hot and calm kiss, Camira's lips had a soft strawberry taste, while Sayyida's where on fire.
The kiss lasted about 11 seconds, until both of them stopped.
- Ca... Mira? - Asked, still shocked. Camira just smiled and walked to her room, closing the door, with no explanations.
Sayyida was still confused, but happy at the same time. She just kissed the woman that she loves, her only dream.
From that day on, the bottle game turned into her favorite game.
Or, how she liked to say,
"The lucky game" .


Aaaaa thank you for reading! That was a short text,but came from the bottom of my heart! I hope you liked! ❤️


I'm back! Sorry for not posting anything, I had tests all week and had no time to draw.
But I'm finally here! The next drawing will be an art trade F2U: Pink Neko Blob Icon 

So, Karen is fighting (I don't have a story for this one qwq) and using one of her attacks
that doesn't have a name yet,but soon I'll create names for all of her attacks <3 this one is like:
She create ruby walls to defend herself, or use it as thorns. rainbow heart {big} 

I hope you like it! F2U: Snow Blue Neko Blob Icon F2U: Snow Blue Neko Blob Icon 


One Piece belongs to Eiichiro Oda.

Karen belongs to me.

Ori: Nami.

Background by Toei Animation.

Do not steal or copy. 
Just failed math test.

I'm another fail :,D
i fcking lost my tablet's pen ;-;
Hey! Do you prefer Karen with short or long hair? Just asking :3


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